Welcome to Shadow Studio

Shadows, photography and story telling have gone together for a very long time, ever since the beginnings of photography itself, and they are still at the heart of photography today. Before photographs were invented people traced their own shadow to record a portrait , 'Shadow drawings' were the earliest photographs on record and the first cameras were even called 'Shadow rooms'.

That's why we created Shadow Studio. We wanted more people to experience the magic of photography by casting shadows, imagining stories and creating images.

Shadow Studio uses paper cut outs, shadows and cameras (any kind of camera!) to end up with beautiful images, stop motion animations or mini movies.

Have a look through the site you can find animations, movies and images people have made with their Shadow Studio kits at home or in one of our workshops.

Follow our You Tube link for tips on shadow play and how to make your animations. Find out more about where the idea for Shadow Studio came from in ABOUT US and finally, all the Shadow Studio kit including theatres and puppets can be found in  SHOP.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the site!